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Limnetica volumen 35, 2016

Publicación científica de la Asociación Ibérica de Limnología.

Listado de artículos publicados en este volumen






Micaela Mota, Eric Rochard and Carlos Antunes
Status of the Diadromous Fish of the Iberian Peninsula: Past, Present and Trends

Supplementary material
Limnetica 35 (1)
Rubén Rasines-Ladero and Sanda Iepure
2016 Parent lithology and organic matter influence the hyporheic biota of two Mediterranean rivers in central Spain

Supplementary material
Limnetica 35 (1) 19-36
Tomasz Joniak and Natalia Kuczynska-Kippen
2016 Habitat features and zooplankton community structure of oxbows in the limnophase: reference to transitional phase between flooding and stabilization
Limnetica 35 (1) 37-48
Matías J. Merlo, Manuela Parietti and Jorge A. Etchegoin
2016 Long-term study of the life cycle of the freshwater snail Heleobia parchappii (Mollusca: Cochliopidae) in a lentic environment in Argentina
Limnetica 35 (1) 49-60
María Mar Sánchez-Montoya, Ada Pastor, Ibón Aristi, Ana Isabel del Arco, María
Antón-Pardo, Mireia Bartrons, Celia Ruíz, Maria Joao Feio, Belinda Gallardo, Eglantine
Chappuis and Núria Catalán
2016 Women in limnology in the Iberian Peninsula: biases, barriers and recommendations
Limnetica 35 (1) 61-72
Cecilia Ballón, Núria Àvila, Dani Boix, Rocío López-Flores, Susana Romo, Jordi Sala, Xavier D. Quintana and Stéphanie Gascón
2016 Is ecosystem size more important than locality in determining the environmental characteristics of temporary ponds?

Supplementary Information
Limnetica 35 (1) 69-78
Elías D. Dana, Juan García-de-Lomas, José L. Juan Bañón, Encarnación Esteban, JoséM.
Ortiz y Guillermo Ceballos
2016 Análisis para la detección de Sphaerothecum destruens en una población invasora de Pseudorasbora parva
(Temminck & Schlegel, 1846)

Limnetica 35 (1) 89-94
Cleto K. Peres, Richard W. Lambrecht, Diego A. Tavares, Jannie F. Guimarães
and Caroline Henn
2016 Massive occurrence of the invasive alga Hydrodictyon reticulatum (L.) Bory in a Brazilian lotic system and variables explaining its biomass in microhabitat scale
Limnetica 35 (1) 95-102
Beghelli FGS, Pompêo MLM, Rosa AH and Moschini-Carlos V
2016 Effects of copper in sediments on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in tropical reservoirs
Limnetica 35 (1) 103-116
Enrique Moreno-Ostos, Roberto L. Palomino-Torres, C. Escot and J. Ma Blanco
2016 Planktonic metabolism in a Mediterranean reservoir during a near-surface cyanobacterial bloom
Limnetica 35 (1) 117-130
M. Botella-Cruz, J. A. Carbonell, S. Pallarés, A. Millán and J. Velasco
2016 Plasticity of thermal limits in the aquatic saline beetle Enochrus politus (Küster 1849) (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae) under changing environmental conditions
Limnetica 35 (1) 131-142
M. Alvarez Cobelas and S. Sánchez Carrillo
2016 Short-term nutrient fluxes of a groundwater-fed, flow-through lake
Limnetica 35 (1) 143-158
Peluso M. L., Salibián A. y Ronco A. E.
2016 Esquema para la categorización de la peligrosidad de sedimentos de fondo contaminados de sistemas fluviales
Limnetica 35 (1) 159-174
Alireza Radkhah, Soheil Eagderi and Hamed Mousavi-Sabet
2016 First record of the exotic species Hemiculter leucisculus (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in southern Iran
Limnetica 35 (1) 175-178
J. M. Zamora-Marín, C. Gutiérrez-Cánovas, P. Abellán and A. Millán
2016 The role of protected areas in representing aquatic biodiversity: a test using α, β and γ diversity of water beetles from the Segura River Basin (SE Spain)
Limnetica 35 (1) 179-192
Juan Rueda, Oscar Reverter-Gil, Joan Miquel Benavent and Javier Souto
2016 First record of a victorellid Bryozoan (Gymnolaemata: Victorellidae) from the Iberian Peninsula
Limnetica 35 (1) 193-200
Ana María Pujante, Alejandra Puig, Elena Barrios y Javier Ruza
2016 Contribución al establecimiento de condiciones de referencia y límites entre clases de estado ecológico en los ríos españoles

Material suplementario
Limnetica 35 (1) 201-218
Pedro Tomás, Jose Luis Moreno, Marina Aboal, Javier Oscoz, Concha Durán y Patricia
2016 Evaluación del estado ecológico de los ríos de la cuenca del río Ebro mediante el índice trófico de macrófitos IVAM-G (Índice de Vegetación Acuática Macroscópica)

Material suplementario
Limnetica 35 (1) 219-234
Margarita Florencio and Lucas Lamelas-López
2016 Threatened pond endemicity on an oceanic island: the presence of an exotic fish
Limnetica 35 (1) 235-242
Gabriela Tonello, Letícia A. Naziloski, Alan M. Tonin, Rozane M. Restello and Luiz U. Hepp
2016 Effect of Phylloicus on leaf breakdown in a subtropical stream
Limnetica 35 (1) 243-252
Viviana Almanza, Carlos E. de M. Bicudo, Oscar Parra y Roberto Urrutia
2016 Características morfológicas y limnológicas de las floraciones de Ceratium furcoides (Dinophyta) en un lago somero de Chile Central
Limnetica 35 (1) 253-268

Francisco Correa-Araneda, María Elisa Díaz, Manuel Olguín, Francisco
Encina-Montoya, Francisco Gomez-Caponni and Ricardo Figueroa
2016 Hydric regime in Mediterranean freshwater forested wetlands and their relationship with native and non-native forest cover
Limnetica 35 (2) 269-280
Marlene S. Arcifa, André Perticarrari, Taís C. Bunioto, Andrés R. Domingos and
Walter J. Minto
2016 Microcrustaceans and predators: diel migration in a tropical lake and comparison with shallow warm lakes

Supplementary material
Limnetica 35 (2) 281-296
Armando T. Wakida-Kusunoki, Luis Enrique Amador-del Ángel, Elizabeth
Romero-Hernandez and Lorenzo M. Bozada Robles
2016 Range expansion of the invasive Amazon sailfin catfish, Pterygoplichthys pardalis (Castelnau, 1855), in the central and southeastern Gulf of Mexico
Limnetica 35 (2) 297-302
Arturo Elosegi and Jesús Pozo
2016 Altered organic matter dynamics in rivers and streams: ecological consequences and management implications
Limnetica 35 (2) 303-322
Emilio Moreno, C. Pérez-Martínez and J. M. Conde-Porcuna
2016 Dispersal of zooplankton dormant propagules by wind and rain in two aquatic systems

Supplementary material
Limnetica 35 (2) 323-336
Irene Tornero, Jordi Sala, Stéphanie Gascón, Núria Àvila, Xavier D. Quintana and Dani Boix
2016 Pond size effect on macrofauna community structure in a highly connected pond network
Limnetica 35 (2) 337-354
Leilane Talita Fatoreto Schwind, Rodrigo Leite Arrieira, Tatiane Mantovano, Claudia Costa Bonecker and Fábio Amodêo Lansac-Tôha
2016 Temporal influence on the functional traits of testate amoebae in a floodplain lake

Supplementary material
Limnetica 35 (2) 355-364
C. M. Alexandre, R. Branca, B. R. Quintella and P. R. Almeida
2016 Critical swimming speed of the southern straight-mouth nase Pseudochondrostoma willkommii (Steindachner, 1866), a potamodromous cyprinid from southern Europe
Limnetica 35 (2) 365-372
Eglantine Chappuis, Enric Ballesteros and Esperança Gacia
2016 Temporary emersion enhances amphibious Isoetes production
Limnetica 35 (2) 373-384
Nada Bubanja, Jasmina Šinžar-Sekulic and Vladimir Stevanovic
2016 Assessing the influence of environmental parameters on aquatic plants of ponds in the hinterland of Long Beach in Montenegro

Supplementary material
Limnetica 35 (2) 385-396
Norbert Florian, Raquel Lopez-Luque, Natalia Ospina-Alvarez, Levente Hufnagel and Andy J. Green
2016 Influence of a carp invasion on the zooplankton community in Laguna Medina, a Mediterranean shallow lake
Limnetica 35 (2) 397-412